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5 Direct Mail Testing Tips plus [FREE infographic]

5 Tips for a Precise Direct Mail Test Plus a FREE Embeddable Infographic for You to Share at the bottom of this article! Most serious direct mailers do a series of tests to determine the optimal response rate based on the location, offer and creative strategy. They want to be 95% confident in the results […]

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Flyer Distribution vs Print Advertising

Flyer Distribution or Print Advertising? Many so called experts state that direct mail marketing or flyer distribution and print ads in magazines and newspapers are going to disappear. Its easy to think like that when looking at the apparent facts: both are,  printed on paper instead of exclusively in the digital web of things. Both […]

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Direct Marketing With Leaflet Delivery Increase Other Media Results

Direct Marketing With Leaflet Delivery Increase Other Media Results. Campaign integration is more than using the same creative across all your media. Remember Who, Where, When, What? Successful integration is about really geting into the shoes of your customer. thinking about where they will be and in what frame of mind or mood they will […]