How Our Business Services Increases Your Sales

We Work to increase your sales.

Leaflet Distribution is the promotional tool to drive sales for local businesses like yours. Sell your product or services easily with a professional promotional leaflet that is delivered direct through your customers doors or hands, for less than 4 cents per flyer. We help you create your own sales campaign from start to finish in 5 days.

1 Planning

Select the houses, streets and people you want to target around your business area or anywhere in Europe.

2 Proposal

Receive a list of suggested areas to suit your target market and a flyer design proposal if requested.

3 Review

Aprove the flyer design and Schedule your selected areas into our delivery to confirm Order.

4 Printing/Distribution

Flyers are printed if requested and aproved areas go onto distribution and are monitored every day.

5 Audit Distribution

Distribution is complete, we make random phone calls within the distributed area to confirm delivery.

6 Reporting

We can provide daily reports during leaflet delivery and audit report once distribution is complete.

Right Marketing + Right People = The Right Results for You.

Leaflet Distribution