Direct Marketing Bundles

Direct Marketing Bundles Better Marketing. Simplified.

Mix Online and Offline media to Sell More.

With the introduction of Direct Marketing Bundles, the old way of handling direct mailing services is ancient history. With Direct Marketing Bundles, here’s what you get:

  • Higher Return on Investment, With Direct Marketing Bundles, you can use unique emails and domain adresses on your leaflets with built in online tracking software, so you know exactly the number of emails and visits the leaflet delivery and the direct marketing campaign brings, saving you money and frustration.
  • No Leads Left Behind: Your Marketing Bundle campaign includes a Google campaign that displays follow-up ads to your prospects all across the internet keeping leads warm until they are ready to buy and facebook ads to target the right people
  • A Flawless Sales System, Included call tracking allows you to see the exact data and results of your campaigns (and record and listen to sales calls), which lets you quality check for better results as the results are rolling in – and in the future.

leaflet distribution dublin direct marketing bundle

Leaflet Distribution Dublin

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Direct mail already works great for me. Why do I need the Bundle version?
    If direct mail is already working well for you, that is all the more reason to invest in a Bundled Version! The other three dimensions that are included (online, tracking, measuring) were specifically chosen because they enhance the return on investment from your campaign. If it didn’t make it better, we wouldn’t have launched it!
  • If direct mail hasn’t worked for me in the past, will Direct Marketing Bundles make any difference?
    Absolutely! Many times we find that “failed” direct mail campaigns are actually not failures, but misunderstood results. Most people look at the number of responses to judge the efficacy of their campaigns. But the real way to judge success and failure is return on investment. If you make more than you spent – success! Call Tracking allows you to calculate this data very accurately. And when you do, you will probably find that your campaign was much more of a success than you thought! Plus, Tracking and Online Follow-up Ads help boost the ROI.
  • How much does Direct Marketing Bundles cost?
    Not much – just cents per piece. However, since each campaign is tailored to your specific business, we need to have a quick chat with you about your business before giving you a quote, but don’t worry – it’s FREE! Just call 016696000 to speak with a marketing consultant.

I mailed out 12,000 leaflets and got about 600-700 redeemed vouchers back. I was expecting about 500. There is still another week till the offer expires! That’s about a 5.5% response!

Robert Arias

– Sunset Grill

How Direct Marketing Bundles Work

Direct Marketing Bundles is a formula for reaching, obtaining and following up with new leads — and each of our direct marketing products plays a role. Whether you’re new to direct marketing or a veteran, our direct mail marketing products work together to create an effective direct marketing campaign to ensure you bring in more leads and have an affordable way to follow up with them. Here’s how it all fits together:

Step 1: Leaflets Are Designed, Printed and Mailed – We handle every component of your campaign – design, printing, targeted list, door to door delivery.
Leaflets are a tried and true marketing medium that produces results by delivering your artfully designed and clearly written message right to your prospect’s mailbox.
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Step 2: We invest on effective website design and programming to turn your visitors into leads. Your new leads are funneled into an automatic lead capture system. Using the Google Display Network, text and image ads matching your campaign’s design and offer on Google and Facebook follow your website visitors around the internet.So if leads don’t take the desired action (fill out a form, buy, etc) on your website the first time, you stay in touch. No leads left behind.
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Step 3: Your new leads are funnelled into an automatic follow-up system.
Follow up via phone call or with our custom email marketing campaigns – we’ll write, design and send to your list! We use a unique phone number to track the number of calls your direct marketing bundle generates. You can use this data to gauge the effectiveness of different strategies and marketing messages.
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Call Today to Get Started With Your Direct Marketing Bundle Campaign! 016696000

The perfect advertising and marketing bundle for your business

Save time and money with our all-in-one marketing bundles


Best Value Exposure


  • Leaflet Design
  • 5.000 Leaflets Printed
  • 5.000 Door to Door Delivery
  • Website (1 page)
  • Social Media Pages


Guaranteed ROI


  • Leaflet Design
  • 5.000 Leaflet Printed
  • 5.000 Door to Door/Hand to Hand Delivery
  • Website (5 pages)
  • Social Media Pages
  • 50€ Google Ads management


More Sales and Exposure


  • Leaflet Design
  • 10.000 Leaflet Printed
  • 10.000 Door to Door/Hand to Hand Delivery
  • Business Card Design
  • 500 Business Cards Printed
  • Logo Design
  • Website (Unlimited)
  • Social Media Pages
  • 75€ Google Ads management
  • 75€ Facebook Ads management
  • SEO
  • Analytics


No Limits


  • Leaflet Design
  • 20.000 Leaflet Printed
  • 20.000 Door to Door/Hand to Hand Delivery
  • Business Card Design
  • 1.000 Business Cards Printed
  • Envelope Design
  • 500 Envelopes Printed
  • Letterhead Design
  • 500 Letterheads Printed
  • Logo Design
  • Website/Webstore (Unlimited)
  • Social Media Pages
  • 100€ Google Ads management
  • 100€ Facebook Ads management
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • 1800 Free phone number

Included on all Packages:

  • Custom Logo Design, Custom Leaflet, Business Card, Envelopes and Letterheads Designing or Improvement of Existing Design
  • High Quality Full Colour Printing on glossy 130g paper and sizes A5, A6, A7, DL for Leaflets and 400g paper for standard size business cards, envelopes and letterheads to be printed on standard paper sizes and weights on full colour.
  • Leaflet Delivery activity by professional and GPS tracked teams, with daily, and final reports.
  • Hand to Hand Delivery activity by promotional staff using clients personalized shirt, photo and video reports
  • All Websites Include: Domain Name, Hosting, Email accounts and are subject to yearly fixed renovation fee.
  • Social Media Page Creation Includes: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ Page and Graphics Set Up.
  • Facebook and Google Adwords Credit as Facebook and Google Ads Management Includes the Creation and Set up of the First Campaign targeting your specified audience.
  • SEO or Search engine optimization includes all google webmaster guidelines for onsite and offsite optimization and improvement of rankings.
  • Email marketing includes the creation and delivery of a newsletter to a database of 100.000 Irish email addresses.
  • 1800 Free phone number is subject to availability and technical specification on specific areas, calls received or forwarded charges will apply.

Thanks so much for your follow-up call a few weeks ago. Your leaflets have gotten us so much new business, we can’t thank you enough! We will be moving to a larger location very shortly to accommodate all of our new business. We will definitely use Leaflet Distribution Dublin again once we move to alert potential customers of our new location!
Siobhan O´Tool
- Savvy Salon