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Direct Marketing With Leaflet Delivery Increase Other Media Results

Direct Marketing With Leaflet Delivery Increase Other Media Results.

Campaign integration is more than using the same creative across all your media. Remember Who, Where, When, What? Successful integration is about really geting into the shoes of your customer. thinking about where they will be and in what frame of mind or mood they will be in when they are exposed to your creative message. And what combination of media will make them act and respond on it.

Every marketing medium has its own strengths and here is a summary of those in the list below to help you choose the combination that is right for you, your business and audience.

leaflet delivery advertising direct mail marketing media

Leaflet Distribution Advertising with Direct Mail Delivery Will Make Other Media Work Harder

Leaflet Distribution Advertising with Direct Mail Delivery Will Make Other Media Work Harder.

Tradicional Media Advertising

TV, radio, outdoor and press or newspaper advertising are very effective ways to get a simple message out to a large group of people. If you’re launching a new product to a mass market, advertising is a cost effective way to get the attention of your audience quickly and build exposure or awareness for your brand.

The challenge for advertising has always been how to communicate messages that are more complex, drive immediate action or target a discrete group of people. In the last decade, both online and offline media choices have multiplicated so there are more TV programmes, magazines, papers, supplements, websites than ever before with smaller audience shares. This fragmentation has presented more challenges for advertising.

Leaflet Distribution Advertising – Direct Mail Delivery – Letterbox Delivery

Combining Leaflet Delivery – Direct Mail with your advertising is a powerful way to make it work harder and address some of these challenges.

“Advertising leads a dog to the food, Leaflet Advertising and door to door Leaflet Distribution makes the dog eat.” This captures one of Leaflet Distribution and Delivery´s core strengths in a nutshell, the ability to transform attention into interest and interest into actionable desire. Our relationship with advertising is fleeting, we have 30 seconds before our attention moves to the next ad and sometimes we are not paying attention at all.

76% of Irish people reserve some time to read their mail and letters and having your message in their hands means they will be exposed a little longer to your message. More time means you can say more about your product, giving them good reasons why they need it and what they should do next.

Another advantage of using Leaflet Distribution Service – Direct Mail Delivery is that your offers and promotions are more likely to slip under the radar of your competitors, so they’ll be slower to catch up and copy what you are doing with your Flyer Distribution Ideas.

Web and Online

Integrating your website into your campaign will reinforce both advertising and Leaflet Distribution activity.

Most Irish users are accessing the web via broadband, so you can use interactive tools, like video, social networking sites and forums to drive home your message and make sure you don’t lose precious leads at this stage. For some tips on how to use Leaflet Distribution – Direct Mail Marketing to drive traffic to your website in a truly integrated marketing campaign read this here

The right choice of media really depends on your goals and objectives, your target audience and your message. Why not try and test some combinations from the list above and see what works best for your brand?
For help putting together a successful marketing campaign, call our direct marketing experts on 016696000 or info@leafletdistributiondublin.com and work with a wining Leaflet Distribution Company.

  • Thank you to all the team. The marketing campaign using the bundle solution has been huge and we've been busy since day 1, and we are very thankful. Great to work with Leaflet Distribution Dublin.
    Dr John O´Hara
    - Atlantic Dental
  • So far it has been a pleasure dealing with every team member. I wish all my relations were this easy! Leaflets DO work!!! ...take the credit you all deserve at Leaflet Distribution Dublin.
    Mary B.
    - Curves for Women
  • I mailed out 12,000 leaflets and got about 600-700 redeemed vouchers back. I was expecting about 500. There is still another week till the offer expires! That's about a 5.5% response!
    Robert Arias
    - Sunset Grill
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