flyer distribution direct mail marketing versus print advertising

Flyer Distribution vs Print Advertising

Flyer Distribution or Print Advertising?

Many so called experts state that direct mail marketing or flyer distribution and print ads in magazines and newspapers are going to disappear. Its easy to think like that when looking at the apparent facts: both are,  printed on paper instead of exclusively in the digital web of things. Both direct mail volume and newspaper subscriptions have declined in recent years, and both the postal service, flyer distribution services and newspapers are struggling to stay afloat.

But do we experience the same thing; when we receive a flyer in the letterbox and when we read an ad on some publication?

Flyer distribution

direct mail marketing or flyer distribution versus print ads

The main and biggest difference is that print advertising is opt-in. That means that, customers must choose to receive and/or buy a magazine or a newspaper before they see your ad.

People subscribe to these publications following a desire to see content, not the ads. As more of that content migrates and propagates online, people drop their subscriptions and thus stop seeing the print ads. Sure, now they might see a banner ad or a piece of sponsored content, but can that compare with a full-page colour photo or a strip of perfume you can actually smell?

By contrast, direct mail marketing does not require an opt-in process. Sure, in many cases flyers are sent to customers with whom they already have a relationship or who have already bought from them, but it’s not a requirement. Marketers can simply send a leaflet to all home-owners in Dublin, and except for a few “no junk mail” stickers, its certain that piece of mail is going to show up in everyone’s letterbox.

The other primary difference is the ability to target content to specific audiences. For years, print publications offered an unparalleled opportunity to reach certain audiences. Want affluent young men? Advertise in GQ. Stay-at-home moms? Better Homes and Gardens. A cross-section of the Irish population? Try Irish Times magazine. So if you want to reach a very narrow target, you can now use purchased and proprietary information from direct mail and flyer delivery companies to make sure you’re only reaching professional women aged 30-45 who have children and like golden retrievers and who live in a three-state area. No more paying to reach the whole country if you only want to geotarget a specific area. Pay for only the customers you want to reach.

Will print advertising ever die? Possibly. But it seems increasingly likely that direct mail marketing and flyer distribution is here to stay.

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Direct Mail Marketing Resources

Direct Mail Marketing Resources


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