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10 Essential Tips to Ensure that your Advertising is an Explosive Success.

10 Essential Tips to Ensure that your Advertising is an Explosive Success.

Why Most Advertising Doesn’t Work 10 Essential Tips to Ensure that your Advertising is an Explosive Success. 1. If your Advertising isn’t working – STOP IT! Let’s start with the simple stuff. If you are running advertising that is not working, please stop it! I know it sounds obvious but here’s what often happens: People […]


The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Survival Guide

The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Survival Guide
5 Questions Every Business Owner Needs to Ask…

Whether you employ an agency or are attempting to do it yourself, search engine marketing can be extremely tricky without a deep understanding of the tricks and tips that work best.

Here are the top 5 questions that every business owner needs to be asking to run SEM campaigns like a pro.

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5 Direct Mail Testing Tips plus [FREE infographic]

5 Tips for a Precise Direct Mail Test Plus a FREE Embeddable Infographic for You to Share at the bottom of this article! Most serious direct mailers do a series of tests to determine the optimal response rate based on the location, offer and creative strategy. They want to be 95% confident in the results […]

digital lighthouse reviews

Digital Lighthouse Reviews

Digital Lighthouse have hundreds of reviews on their successful Digital Lighthouse seminars, Digital Lighthouse meetings, Digital Lighthouse Internet Marketing Strategy Sessions, and Digital Lighthouse’s The Complete Digital Marketing System.
I’m very proud to share their customer stories with you.
These Digital Lighthouse clients defied the recession and did whatever they could to expand their businesses.

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Chris Cardell – A Marketer’s Review of Chris Cardell’s products

My name is George and I’m a marketer and an active member of Chris Cardell’s VIP Inner Circle marketing club.
I’m writing this blog post to all my fellow marketers out there that need and want to improve their skills. The offer for marketing programs on the market is huge, most of them directed at entrepreneurs, but if you are a marketer or a business owner that seeks a full proof marketing program for an existing business, the choices are limited.

Leaflet Delivery and Distribution

We are changing the leaflet distribution industry forever. It’s quite incredible how something as simple as combining printing and posting could have such a big effect on the results we are able to achieve for our clients. We believe we are already getting the best results in the industry. We are proud to have helped […]

Rank Ranger’s SEO Dashboard

SEO Platforms vs Multiple Tools

With millions of pages, sites, social conversations, images, and keywords to manage and optimize, search engine optimization has become increasingly complicated and time-consuming.

Reviewing Rank Ranger’s SEO Platform we find that this software can increase efficiency and productivity, while reducing the time and errors involved in managing organic search campaigns. More specifically, automating SEO through their enterprise toolset can provide a variety of interesting benefits.

flyer distribution direct mail marketing versus print advertising

Flyer Distribution vs Print Advertising

Flyer Distribution or Print Advertising? Many so called experts state that direct mail marketing or flyer distribution and print ads in magazines and newspapers are going to disappear. Its easy to think like that when looking at the apparent facts: both are,  printed on paper instead of exclusively in the digital web of things. Both […]

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Benefits of Leaflet Distribution and Leaflet Delivery

Benefits of Leaflet Delivery and Leaflet Distribution. When you come back from holiday, what’s one of the first things you do? If it’s checking your post/letterbox then you’re in good company, with 76% of Irish consumers doing the same thing. In a fast moving world, post/letterbox is a constant in our lives, with a massive 87% […]

How to Plan Your Direct Marketing Campaign Using Leaflet Delivery Direct Mail leaflet delivery direct mail marketing distributors flyers distribution

How to Plan Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Using Leaflet Delivery

How to Plan Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Using Leaflet Delivery or Leaflet Distribution.  Learn How to plan your next direct marketing campaign using direct mail and leaflet distribution. Like any marketing action,  in meeting the success of your direct mail results. Planning involves a number of steps including setting your campaign objectives, through to […]