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Chris Cardell – A Marketer’s Review of Chris Cardell’s products

My name is George and I’m a marketer and an active member of Chris Cardell’s VIP Inner Circle marketing club.



I’m writing this blog post to all my fellow marketers out there that need and want to improve their skills. The offer for marketing programs on the market is huge, most of them directed at entrepreneurs, but if you are a marketer or a business owner that seeks a full proof marketing program for an existing business, the choices are limited.

I will be sharing my experience with Chris Cardell’s marketing products, and how it changed and expanded my business horizons and my professional life. With all the “Chris Cardell” wannabes online, hopefully you will gain a transparent and clear overview on Chris Cardell. Written by someone that is not a competitor or affiliated with Chris Cardell, therefore a neutral perspective on the pros and cons of Chris Cardell’s products.

Who is Chris Cardell?

Chris Cardell

Chris Cardell

Chris Cardell is a marketing genius of our times and arguably a legend on Advanced thinking.
Since he has been around even before the popularity of Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and other recent video tools, he is an expert in offline marketing, direct mail marketing and direct response marketing.
Chris Cardell has authored and co-authored many books, courses, CD and DVD sets to his credit.
He is an expert consultant in marketing techniques. Most of the big marketers depend on his consultations for increasing their sales. Besides, they are sure of achieving high levels of success if they adopt Chris Cardell’s techniques.
His live training events are a roaring success. People cling on to his discussions and consultations.
No doubt his marketing techniques work wonders for many. Here is Chris Cardell being interviewed on

More Chris Cardell videos on his Youtube Channel

What You can learn with Chris Cardell

Chris Cardell can give you superb advice on how to write a fantastic sales letter. His letters generate instant and superb responses. He is a strong public speaker and he has given speeches to more than 300,000 people annually.
He often shares the stage with other famous thought leaders like Dan Kennedy, Sir Bob Geldoff, Sir Richard Branson. Chris is a common face on tv and featured on BBC, ITV channels and newspapers like The Times or The Guardian to name a few. Chris Cardell also contributes with content to Top business blogs, read Chris Cardell’s articles on

Chris Cardell is an expert in teaching you to attract customers through your writings.
Chris Cardell is no doubt among the top marketers and writers of the marketing world ever.
His marketing strategies are immensely useful for many business persons.
Although he is an expert on offline marketing, he does have a strong online presence offering the same information.
He stresses a systematic approach to marketing and hence, his offline techniques work wonders for online marketing also.

When you buy any of the less expensive marketing products, Chris Cardell tries to sell you the expensive courses.
These may cost you from just 47 pounds to over a thousand pounds, which is not easily affordable by many, but nevertheless a guaranteed return on investment.
Chris Cardell is reluctant to accept that Marketing is the key to sell more in the twenty-first century, unless it is direct response marketing.
It is easy to see this thought in action through his work; every marketing dollar has to be accountable for traceable and generate response with measurable results.

Why You need Chris Cardell’s advice

Many people feel that they can market their products. However, they either do not follow their initial plans or go in the wrong directions. They may not be actually doing what they should do at all.
Chris Cardell advises on strategies, which combine different marketing plans and systems.
These plans are sure to yield huge profits and return. You do not waste time on trying to locate different means and techniques to market your products.
Slowly you reach pinnacles of success in marketing and earn huge profits.

To all the Chris Cardells in the world

Chris Cardell is the smartest marketer on the planet. Yes, he knows how to sell and will sell you a ton of great stuff and services, but isn’t that a testament to his marketing and selling skills?
If you have to mirror somebody or follow a reference that has done it, than Chris Cardell is it.

Chris Cardell critiques

Shame on all the gurus that criticize Chris Cardell

Please, follow his work, and you will be better off than the so many other so called marketers that can only criticize him, but at the same time have “Chris Cardell reviews” as their biggest source of income and “Chris Cardell” name as their main product attractiveness.

What Losers SAY and What Winner DO

chris cardell's leadership

All the envious marketers out there feeding of Chris Cardell’s market dominance

Normally the bigger the species the bigger the target and the easier it is to hit on it. Also a common sight is to see these bigger species on this planet feed a chain of other smaller creators, we’ve seen the smaller fish congregate around whales, sharks, rays, and sea turtles, where it eats ectoparasites on, and leftovers around the bigger host species, or even the little birds that feed off the elephants and hypos.

That’s how I see all the other self proclaimed marketing gurus that critique Chris Cardell’s work; just feeding of a bigger species capacity, dominance and determination to actually have the courage to become and be himself the difference. These gurus; say, say, say. Chris; does, does, does.

My Review on Chris Cardell from Cardell Media Ltd

Chris Cardell has revolutionized my personal and my professional life. He has helped me teach over 5,000 other business owners on how to do the same. As a result of what I have learned from Chris Cardell I have been able to teach others.

If you own a business; regardless if it is a start up, an information marketing business, service business, or retail of any kind, if you can’t double your revenue in 3 months or less with Chris Cardell’s strategies, then you just ain’t even trying.

Chris Cardell’s strategies aren’t for whiners. If you do what works regardless of how you want to run your business
or market your product, then you will do great with Chris Cardell’s expertise.

The internet is well overrated, but Chris Cardell teaches you how to do things that work regardless of how much a stamp or printing costs through to pay-per-click costs. Anyone that believes in marketing and/or advertising “budgets” doesn’t understand how to make money. The more I spend, the more I make; plain and simple.

That’s why I’d much rather have $270,000 a month overhead applying Chris methods, than $17,000 a month overhead by following some other genius advice, and still have 50% profit margins. As Chris Cardell once said:

“marketing is no more than testing, testing, testing”

Please share here your thoughts on this article about Chris Cardell, share it on social media and express your views. To learn more about Chris Cardell visit his website or Chris Cardell’s Media Company, Cardell Media Ltd. There is also an interesting video interview with Chris Cardell. His next life changing event is The Sovereignty Summit with Chris and Dan Kennedy on 29th – 30th of September 2015 and I will be there.

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